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Dear Reader,

Please accept this letter of apology from your friend, Thrift Chick. The Thrifty One has been ultra busy these last two months collecting items for her Etsy store, and enjoying the North Florida weather before it becomes too extreme. Ah, the cool 72 degree year round springs! They are just too awesome to miss this time of year! I did not intend to abandon you, Gentle Reader!

However, I have come across some great little thing in the last two months! I love to explore out of the way thrift shops whenever I take a road trip. A few weeks ago, I visited Dunnellon, FL. Dunnellon is basically a retirement town on the Rainbow River. It’s not very big, very fast, or very fashionable and that’s why I like it. Also, there are plenty of antique and thrift stores to choose from, with many reasonably priced vintage items. When you are done shopping, you can go to beautiful Rainbow Springs Park, and for $2 enjoy the best freshwater spring in the area (in my estimation). Swim to your heart’s content, but bring your floating noodle, because it’s a deep spring.

Someday soon I will return to Dunnellon to do a full review of the area thrift and antique stores, but until then here is a smidgen of what I found on my last visit:



These items are or soon will be offered in my Etsy shop Soleil Vintage


Until next time, Gentle Reader!

Thrift Chick

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