McIntosh FL, US HWY 441′s Unexpected Treasure, Part 1

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Winters Past Vintage Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories


A few weekends ago, the Thrift Chick and her equally thrifty friend decided to meander on down to McIntosh, FL via US HWY 441.  Our plan was to hit a few estate sales in the afternoon, when prices are low, and then check out some antique stores in McIntosh.  Our first estate sale, in Gainesville, was kind of a bust, being the last few hours on the second day of the sale.  Our faces fell when we saw a pickup truck filled to overflowing with leftover furniture. Ah well, there’s always another sale! As we drove down 441, we came across a sign for an estate sale just north of McIntosh, a little off the beaten track down one of those wonderful country roads that are so prevalent in this area. About a half-mile down, we found the estate sale. As we drove in, we realized that “estate” was not the word we would have chosen to describe this small shack like home.  I nearly did a one-eighty in the driveway, thinking that somehow we had astroprojected into the movie “Deliverance”.  However, all was well as we entered the home and met the friendly lady that lived there. Whew! She is a bigger collector than I am, and needed to trim down a little. We found quite a few nice pieces of costume jewelry, a purse, three tiny Occupied Japan figurines, and a nifty little teapot. A fellow thrifter filled a box with vintage toys, dolls and lamps (he got there first and was well on his way).  Word to the wise: don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t dismiss a sale based on the condition of the house its in- you just never know what fine treasures you’ll find once you step inside.

Feeling content with our booty, we jumped back in the car and headed toward McIntosh. A few minutes later we pulled into Winters Past, a marvelous vintage jewelry and clothing shop. If you can’t find it there, keep looking around, because there is just so much good stuff.  Sheila Winters has the best collection of vintage jewelry and hats in this area, and the prices are quite reasonable. She also has a back room where deeply discounted vintage clothes (perhaps in need of repair) and broken jewelry suitable for re-purposing can be found. If you like Bakelite bracelets, you will find a superb collection at Winter’s Past. If  little cute vintage dresses are your thing, there are plenty to choose from. Best of all is the excellent collection of vintage hats of all kinds.  Thrift Chick treated herself to a very pretty pair of orange flowered earrings for $5. Nice.

Winters Past Hwy 441 and Avenue E, McIntosh, FL 32664

(352) 591-1455   Open Monday through Saturday 11 to 5

Next stop on our itinerary was Olde Tyme Florida.  Located in a giant barn-like structure that was a fruit packing house in former days, this huge shop is chock full of antiques and collectibles in all price ranges, and is one of the most fun antique stores around. You will find amongst other items, vintage advertising, books, art, bottles, cast iron, clocks, collector plates, paperweights, furniture of all kinds, jewelry, toys, tools, trains,  a vintage Coke machine, a vintage phone booth, and a full size vintage fire truck! Truly amazing! Thrift Chick and her thrifty friend spent the best part of a pleasant hour chatting with the owners and wandering around the many rooms in this building.

Open September through May, Thursday through Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and by appointment

Old Tyme Florida

20656 9th St. (US HWY 441) McIntosh, FL 32664


If armchair shopping is more to your liking,  please check out my Etsy Shop, Soleil Vintage.



Here is a gallery of photos from  my trip to Winter’s Past and Old Tyme Florida. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view!

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