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The display window at Vintage Recalled. Notice the little dress and sweater just left of the door. This is actually a broomstick skirt worn as a strapless sundress with a little vintage sweater . Cute look!


Last week I took a little trip to Jacksonville, FL to explore some of my favorite haunts and do a little interviewing. What a great time I had in Five Points! If you’ve never been there, and live close enough to drive, it’s well worth it. For vintage clothes lovers, there are no less than two vintage clothing shops, and various antique stores with a few (or even many) vintage clothing items from the 80′s on back to the early 1900′s.  Coming from Gainesville,  I took the route that avoided I10 and so got to drive through Riverside, a beautiful historic community on the St. Johns River. Gorgeous houses, antique stores, and the best little hot dog restaurant ever located on Park Place- the hamburgers are to die for! So, after drooling over some furniture that I couldn’t afford, and a delicious hamburger lunch that I could afford, I made my way down to Five Points for my interview with Jason Chancey of Vintage Recalled.

Just for the record, Vintage Recalled is not a thrift store, but an upbeat recycled clothing and vintage fashion clothing store with very reasonable prices and a great selection of ladies and mens clothing and shoes. You can find great broken in cowboy boots, which are a big seller, for under $40. Plenty of used Levi’s, vintage sweaters, comfortably worn in t-shirts, and a big selection of vintage dresses , my favorite, mostly from the 1970′s onward are found here too.

Jason opened his store one week before Halloween in 2010. His idea was to have a “fashion based vintage store” but since discovering what a big hit the 70′s vintage items were at Halloween, and for 70′s theme parties as well,  Vintage Recalled went all out for Halloween 2011 and doubled their sales as compared to their first year’s Halloween. So, whenever you feel the need for gogo boots, Wayfarer style sunglasses, polyester scooter dresses, broomstick skirts or platform shoes, you know where to go.

Vintage Recalled has a strong internet presence, with a website, Facebook page, and Twitter tweets.



Brick and Mortar location in Five Points:

Vintage Recalled

817 Lomax St., Jacksonville FL



Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.





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